Awe: The power of a God in your pocket

Awe: The power of a God in your pocket

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How to Use Your Pocket Wifi

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iPhone and Android apps like TripIt, Airbnb, Hopper and Kayak make planning your a list of socket and plug requirements, and tipping advice for countries. 16 Best for Budgeting: Trabee Pocket But while you may think of it as something you use at home to pick a restaurant for date night, you’re.

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Rome in your Pocket: Best apps for foreigners in Rome

The best Chromebook games offer us a slice of much-needed entertainment in our hectic, chaotic and stressful lives. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Chromebook games you can find. We often find that even the most talked about Android games don’t run on a Chromebook. The best Chromebook game is arguably Alto’s Odyssey, especially if you’re the type of Chromebook gamer who prefers blissful, relaxing games to zone out to so that you can escape into a fascinating virtual world.

Here’s how to listen to podcasts on Android and iOS On apps such as Pocket Casts, subscribing is as simple as tapping a button — in this case podcast, read through our guide on how to make a successful podcast for advice and tips. The best dating apps for dating during the coronavirus pandemic.

The internet’s a big place, expanding every day—so how do you make sure you’re catching up on the best of what the web has to offer? By having the right apps and tools at your disposal. Whether you’re interested in news stories in your area of expertise or every published article from one particular source, news apps to help you sort the good stuff from the rest. With Facebook and other sites constantly changing their approach to just how far different types of content can travel, you need a reliable way of surfacing the best material.

Here are our recommendations for the best news apps including news aggregators and news readers , so you can stay on top of information overload and never miss out on what’s important to you. And, unless otherwise noted below, these apps are all free. Freshly revamped in the last couple of months, Google News iOS , Android , web is now better at gathering the news than ever before, no matter what your interests. Of particular note are the Full coverage panels, available on bigger stories—they give you a range of sources on a breaking story, plus relevant tweets and videos, and even a timeline showing you how events have unfolded.

On top of that you can follow the topics and news sources you’re most interested in, and give individual stories a thumbs up or a thumbs down, all of which means you’ll get more relevant news the next time around. While it’s not the most important consideration, the modern-looking app interface certainly helps as well, directing you quickly to the main meat of a story.

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Jay Agarwal MD August 23, The goal of these resources are to provide quick access to commonly used medical information while on the wards without having to waste time looking them up every time. This includes normal lab values, various medical exams and examples of common medical notes. This app opens up with a table of contents screen which is very easy to navigate.

Clicking on any of the topics opens up either a screen with subsections or a screen with the actual related medical information.

up-to-date information and a practical approach. New and improved PRO-​IMPLANT Pocket Guide mobile app incudes App is intended for physicians seeking medical advice in the area of implant Android and; iOS (iPhone/iPad).

By Mark Prigg. A new app designed to track a person’s mood throughout the day could turn your smartphone into a pocket therapist, researchers claim. The free app developed by the University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory takes advantage of the fact phones are increasingly capable of collecting information about where we are, how noisy our environment is, how much we are moving around and who we communicate with. It will invisibly monitor data such as a user’s calling and texting patterns to track their conversations and work out how they are feeling.

An app to keep you happy: The University of Cambridge’s new app isdesigned to track a person’s mood throughout the day could turn your smartphone into a pocket therapist, researchers claim. The app can track a user’s mood through the day, and also monitor the phone to see who calls them when they feel most stressed, for example. Using the phone’s built-in global positioning system, accelerometer and microphone, it will develop a pattern of that person’s habits, activities and routines.

The Emotion Sense programme, available for free on Android phones, will work as the phone’s owner goes about their normal life. Dr Neal Lathia, who works on the project, said: ‘Behind the scenes, smartphones are constantly collecting data that can turn them into a key medical and psychological tool. The app’s designers hope they can collect a precise record of what drives people’s emotional peaks, showing, for example, when they are likely to be at their most stressed.

The homescreen of the new app designed to track a person’s mood throughout the day that could turn your smartphone into a pocket therapist. It is part of a research project looking at how far smartphones can go in recording mood in the real world. Eventually this could see phones being routinely used to monitor people’s behaviour and change it for the better to improve health and well-being.

Why Your Phone Gets Hot and How to Fix It

Pocket-lint – If you’re holding your shiny new Android smartphone and wondering how to get the most from it, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether this is your first smartphone, you’ve just hopped over from an iPhone , or you’ve had a number of Android handsets, we’ve pulled together some of the best Android tips and tricks to help you get the most from your new phone.

There are different versions of the software, there are plenty of different manufacturer skins layered over that Android core, like those from Samsung, LG or Huawei, and there’s a limitless level of customisation you can apply from Google Play, or other third-party sources.

Internet has made it possible to carry the whole world in your pocket. from emotional spending and is available on both Android and iOS platforms. 2. You can check your Income Tax refund status with just your PAN number and date of birth. 5. Complaint OnlineBenefits for Senior CitizensMoney Tips.

A free and comprehensive pocket guide to first aid and emergency response. Download the app today for life saving skills at your fingertips. Google Play Store for Android devices. Our first aid and emergency app is designed to give people life saving skills at their fingertips. The free app features simple, easy advice on everyday first aid scenarios, tips on how to prepare for natural disasters and step-by-step instructions on what to do during an emergency.

Preloaded content on the app means you have instant access to important first aid and emergency information, even without cell phone reception or an internet connection — anytime, anywhere.

The therapist in your pocket: App that can can turn your Android phone into a mobile mood tracker

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Snap Inc’s original shows and rebuilt Android app helped it add Snapchat users for the first time in three quarters and top analyst revenue.

The large white button at the bottom is the shutter key. The icon to the left holding the phone in portrait takes you to your previously taken shots. The red icon to the right of the shutter key is the video recording mode. Just above those main buttons sits three more buttons. Finally, the flash icon sits in the top-left corner tap it to enable the camera flash and the HDR toggle in the top-right corner tap it to enable HDR mode.

That way you can make out detail in the shadows without blowing out the clouds. The camera app on many premium Xiaomi phones usually differs a little from the budget devices. These more premium phones also copy the iPhone by allowing you to scroll laterally through the camera modes from the viewfinder. If you want to take a panorama or dabble with manual mode on your cheaper phone, you need to visit this menu first. Tap the gear icon in the top-right of the options menu will open a menu with settings for saving location info for photos, disabling or enabling camera sounds, a pocket mode disabling touch gestures if you put the phone in your pocket while the camera app is open , a time-stamp option showing the time and date of the photo , and more.

Read: Smartphone photography tips — 16 tricks you should know. I usually enable this option, as it helps me keep things straight and level, and use the rule of thirds more easily. We also see options for contrast, saturation and sharpness, in case you want to crank up the colors for Instagram. Tap on a bright area and the phone will set the exposure lower to compensate, and vice-versa.


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